Home Loan Balance Transfer

Home loan Balance Transfer

Apply for instant gold loan by pledging gold jewellery, ornaments and coins for urgent cash needs. You can avail of loan amount up to Rs 1.5 crore @7.50% p.a. interest rate for 3 months to 3 years of tenure. There is minimal EMI burden, no end use restriction & no income eligibility criteria.

Currently the best Home loan balance transfer interest rate starts 6.45% p.a. While refinancing outstanding housing loan balance you can also avail add-on benefits like home loan top-up, lower EMIs & extended tenure. Check eligibility for instant approval on Home Loan Balance Transfer.


Refinance Home Loan @6.45%* Lower EMIs, Higher Savings!!

Home loan is a long-term loan. It comes at a pre-decided rate of interest and other features. Undoubtedly, we all go in for the best terms and conditions when we start a home loan. But with changes in the economic environment and fluctuating market rates, the features, particularly the rate of interest can appear more rewarding than the one at which we are repaying our existing home loan. A home loan balance transfer is a process wherein the borrower can switch the unpaid principal balance of the existing home loan to another bank/financial institution that is offering lower interest rates and better features. This helps the borrower reduce his/her interest cost significantly.


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